Comment #3 on issue 2077 by Incorrect git diff parsing

I'm running into what appears to be the same issue here. I have a project attached to github, and it's failing to parse the diffs. It complains about revisions not existing:
Got API Error 207 (HTTP code 400): The file was not found in the repository Error data: {u'stat': u'fail', u'file': u'plugins/com.aptana.editor.dtd/parsing/DTD.grammar', u'err': {u'msg': u'The file was not found in the repository', u'code': 207}, u'revision': u'14f130fca4dfd182e42e5b99ad543c39ba8517e3'}

The diff itself is using the SHAs of the blobs representing the file contents before and after:

diff --git a/plugins/com.aptana.editor.dtd/parsing/DTD.grammar b/plugins/com.aptana.editor.dtd/parsing/DTD.grammar index d5f60c4b1b447b0fb6191c1a34a4a40f248a7905..14f130fca4dfd182e42e5b99ad543c39ba8517e3 100644

Github expects the commit SHA containing that version of the file in it's URLs, like so:

This also seems to be the same issue?

Is there a way I can fix this manually? if I change the repository from "Github" to custom, it shows<revision> as the raw file URL mask, and substituting the blob from the diff there does return what I'd expect (though note that it becomes https):

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