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Tell Dan, this is a big waste of time and money. And all these computer guys and women should get a grip. If he was just man enough to not be such a wimp and get on the phone, stop making excuses, I'm going on a business trip, I'm going to a meeting, I'll call you back, I'm depressed, how pathetic. Why didn't he just come right out and say, in words, that's how people communicate, "Stop calling, emailing, and looking me up on the internet. Leave me alone. I don't like you." Any number of these verbalizations would have worked just fine, and I would have stopped, but apparently he doesn't know how to string these words together in this sequence! What is the problem with just saying this, and I would have got it! But he never, never said this! So now you see we are dealing with a person who is unable to say what is on their mind directly to the other person. And likes to send mixed messages. How would I know what is going on with him when I he told me to call him anytime, talks about sex with me, and one day doesn't answer any of my emails or calls? What would you think? Well I think I get it now! He could have saved a lot of time and money though, what is he a monkey who can't speak?

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