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By the way, I would never try to harm him or take any legal action against him. He should know this about me, and he forgets that I know a lot about him but I would never want to hurt him in any way. I loved him once, and I would never ever try to do what he is doing to me. He once told me he loved me, and now I'm not ever going to get a job. I'm just trying to get a job and how is this stupidity going to affect me? That's what I would like to know? How dare he? He thinks I'm harming him? What is he doing to me? My life doesn't even affect him at all and he knows that, so why doesn't he leave me alone and just let me try to make ends meet and get a job? I don't want anything to do with someone so callous! And I never wanted anything from him and he never gave me anything. I wouldn't take anything from him if I was dying in the street.

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