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New issue 2494 by manually uploaded git diff-tree --cc produce 'diff file is empty'

What version are you running?
bleeding edge, c848031b769cf84b8f9fe42430210459735fed11

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?
rbtools post-review

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. generate a diff of a merge commit with --cc. {you can just do git show COMMIT --format=format:'' > out.diff}
2. post-review it

What is the expected output?
the diff to be posted to reviewboard

What do you see instead?
git@source:~/repositories/repo.git$ post-review \
  --publish \
  --debug \
  --username="git" \
  --password="git" \
  --diff-filename="/tmp/diff_eaca7ff" \
  --server=""; \
  --branch="master" \
  --description="Merge branch 'feature' into master\nConflicts:\nsrc/file" \
  --summary="eaca7ff (JAVA) Merge branch 'point/5.0.26' into develop" \
  | tee -a post-review.log

Error uploading diff

The generated diff file was empty. This usually means no files were
modified in this change.

Try running with --output-diff and --debug for more information.

RBTools 0.4 alpha 0 (dev)
Home = /opt/git
HTTP GETting api/
Using the new web API
Attempting to create review request on /opt/git/repositories/repo.git for None HTTP POSTing to {'repository': '/opt/git/repositories/repo.git'}
Review request created
Attempting to set field 'summary' to 'eaca7ff (JAVA) Merge branch 'point/5.0.26' into develop' HTTP PUTting to {'summary': "eaca7ff (JAVA) Merge branch 'point/5.0.26' into develop"}
Attempting to set field 'branch' to 'master' for review request '6953'
HTTP PUTting to {'branch': 'master'} Attempting to set field 'description' to 'Merge branch 'feature' into master\nConflicts:\nsrc/file' HTTP PUTting to {'description': "Merge branch 'feature' into master\nConflicts:\nsrc/file"}
Uploading diff, size: 5873
HTTP POSTing to {}
Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 400): One or more fields had errors
Error data: {u'fields': {u'path': [u'The diff file is empty']}, u'stat': u'fail', u'err': {u'msg': u'One or more fields had errors', u'code': 105}}
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

What operating system are you using? What browser?

more info:
scrubbed a few things. note that the diff size is 5873 bytes, and that this works when the diff is any git diff aside from diff --cc.

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