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New issue 2562 by Python compatibility using few different tools like Pylint, pep8 , Pycana and Cyclomatic Complexity tools (CC)

Actually currently i am trying to integrate python code analysis to a code analysis tool in my training place. And although there are many python tools available as far as i have researched there are several stand out tools like "Pylint, pep8, pychecker, etc". But Pylint and pep 8 are the best since these two tools does not fully interchange the functionalists its given. By far Pylint is the one giving most of functionalists. But pep8 will give some functions which are not included in Pylint. And its better if we can use Pycana because it gives a complete different kind of diagramatic output which may be handy to get an quick overview. And for CC we can use perl program which i the most populer or either we can use something of our own.

And apart from these we can use our own tools to give specific functionalities and we can ship them with the tool itself.

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