Comment #7 on issue 2562 by Python compatibility using few different tools like Pylint, pep8 , Pycana and Cyclomatic Complexity tools (CC)

Thnx 4 providing the link. I got your idea what I am suggesting for that is you can make it like a multi agent system with many bots. Each of them work individually according to the status of a central db. States can be defined according to the several steps included while the review request being made to the completion of the whole processs. So this will not require any additional requests from one server to another even since we can implement these bots to proceed within the initial server itself. Since they are agents they run on their own and drives to the ultimate result. So if there are so much of requests it wont make difficulties while bots are being run according to the state changes done by themselves. So during the process the request reieving wont get affected and no need to make more requests from other servers if we implement them within the server itself.

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