Status: Confirmed
        Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Support Priority-Critical

Comment #5 on issue 2649 by chip...@gmail.com: HTTPS certificate not accepted. Please ensure that the proper certificate exists in /var/www/reviewboard/data/.subversion/auth for the user that reviewboard is running as.

My apologies, this has definitely slipped past me this week.

First thing to check is what happens if you try from a terminal with that directory as your .subversion directory. For that, try;

    $ sudo -u www-data -s
    $ export HOME=/var/www/reviewboard
    $ <svn command here>

If that's working, it's some issue with PySVN. We'll know a bit more at that point. In the meantime, I'll poke around and see if I can figure out anything here.

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