Comment #6 on issue 2649 by HTTPS certificate not accepted. Please ensure that the proper certificate exists in /var/www/reviewboard/data/.subversion/auth for the user that reviewboard is running as.

Sorry, HOME in the above should have been /var/www/reviewboard/data/.

Can you also check if you have anything in your other ~/.subversion/servers file that relates to the cert?

Looking at another past ticket for a similar issue, the user ended up having the following in /var/www/reviewboard/data/.subversion/servers:

    mydomain = *

    ssl-client-cert-file = /var/www/reviewboard/data/.subversion/auth/mycert
    ssl-client-cert-password = mypassword

Generally, if you have a local setup that works for a user, you should just be able to copy that .subversion directory into RB's data directory and it *should* work, though.

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