Comment #2 on issue 2795 by fabien.ninoles: AddComment Button doesn't work.

I got nothing. No error at all. Both the <li> and the <a> elements have no script attach to it (in the on* attributes), and there is only two listeners for the click and live events on the document node.

Here the div section as seen by ChromeOS:

<div class="content clearfix">
<label for="file-list">File Attachments:</label>
 <div id="file-list">

   <div class="file-container" data-file-id="1">
    <div class="file">
     <ul class="actions">
      <li class="file-add-comment"><a href="#">Add Comment</a></li>
     <div class="file-header">
<a href="/reviewboard/media/uploaded/files/2012/11/07/Broadcast_Messaging.pptx"> <img src="/reviewboard/media/rb/images/mimetypes/text-x-generic.png?1352332777">

     <div class="file-caption">
<a href="/reviewboard/media/uploaded/files/2012/11/07/Broadcast_Messaging.pptx" class="edit">Broadcast Presentation</a>

  <br clear="both">

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