Comment #4 on issue 1524 by should ignore user configuration when generating diffs.

Sorry but could the decision to add "--no-ext-diff" be please reconsidered?

I don't know what is the reasoning behind explicitly ignoring the user options but IMHO the answer to "RB can't run the non-existent program I configured Git to use" is simply "Don't configure Git to use non-existent programs", not this.

And I can definitely explain why this is a problem for me: I'm using a hack to disable diffs to some "not interesting" files by default, i.e. I have "foobar diff=generated" in .gitattributes and used "git config diff.generated.command true" to just suppress the diff for all files with this attribute. Unfortunately, when I use post-review, the diffs for all these files do get submitted, which is very annoying. And AFAICS there is no way to avoid it.

So could the patch be either simply reverted or, if it's really needed, be at least made optional? In the latter case, please let me know if you'd accept a patch adding an option governing this behaviour.


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