Comment #7 on issue 3022 by rb-site manage index does not work

And if I do 'rb-site help' I get the following (in which I don't see the 'index'-command):

Usage: rb-site command [options] path

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --console             force the console UI
  -d, --debug           display debug output

  'install' command:
    Installs a new Review Board site tree and generates web server
    configuration files. This will ask several questions about the
    site before performing the installation.

    --copy-media        copy media files instead of symlinking
--noinput run non-interactively using configuration provided in
                        command-line options
                        fully-qualified host name of the site, excluding the
                        http://, port or path
                        path to the site relative to the domain name
                        the URL containing the static (shipped) media files
                        the URL containing the uploaded media files
    --db-type=DB_TYPE   database type (mysql, postgresql or sqlite3)
    --db-name=DB_NAME   database name (not for sqlite3)
    --db-host=DB_HOST   database host (not for sqlite3)
    --db-user=DB_USER   database user (not for sqlite3)
    --db-pass=DB_PASS   password for the database user (not for sqlite3)
                        cache server type (memcached or file)
cache identifier (memcached connection string or file
                        cache directory)
                        web server (apache or lighttpd)
                        port that the web server should listen on
python loader for apache (modpython, fastcgi or wsgi)
                        the site administrator's username
                        the site administrator's password
                        the site administrator's e-mail address

  'upgrade' command:
    Upgrades an existing site installation, synchronizing media trees and
    upgrading the database, unless otherwise specified.

    --no-db-upgrade     don't upgrade the database

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