Comment #14 on issue 3022 by rb-site manage index does not work

I think I have solved part of the problem :D

In our company, we have a 'commit-reader'-script running on the codereview server, which monitors any svn-commits. For each such commit, a draft review-request (or update review, depending on the commit-message) is created. During initialization of this script, it tries to synchronize svn and Review Board, by issuing many webapi-requests onto the Review Board server in order to find out which svn-revisions have already been added to Review Board.

However, each webapi http-request creates a new record in the django_sessions-table. This gave problems, as the hard-disk quickly ran out of memory. In order to fix this, I 'patched' the Sessions-middleware, by creating the following file (about 2 years ago):

# ==========================

from django.contrib.sessions.middleware import SessionMiddleware

def dontsave(must_create=True):

class PatchedSessionMiddleware(SessionMiddleware):
    def process_request(self, request):
        super(PatchedSessionMiddleware, self).process_request(request)

# Because the commit_reader performs lots of requests to /api/... urls,
        # for each request a session-id would be stored in the database.
        # This would grow the database in size very quickly.
        # This check prevents that.
        if request.path_info[0:5] == '/api/':
   = dontsave

# First import the original MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES-list
from reviewboard.settings import MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES

# Now overwrite the SessionMiddleware-class with our patched version
cls = SessionMiddleware.__module__ + '.' + SessionMiddleware.__name__
idx = MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.index(cls)
MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES[idx] = __name__ + '.' + PatchedSessionMiddleware.__name__


And finally I added the following line to the file:

from settings_local_sessionmiddleware import MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES

Apparently, importing this file was the cause of the current problem (perhaps due to a circular dependency?). By removing this line, it looks like everything works again.

Indexing now works fine, as well as the 'rb-site manage shell' (although issuing 'print settings.__file__' still complains about the 'Settings' object not having this attribute).

The only issue that remains is the Sessions-middleware. If I inspect my database, I see:

                      relation                       |  size
 public.django_session_pkey                          | 1785 MB
 public.django_session_expire_date                   | 1030 MB
 public.django_session                               | 699 MB
 pg_toast.pg_toast_16671                             | 203 MB
 public.diffviewer_filediff                          | 70 MB
 pg_toast.pg_toast_119386                            | 51 MB
 public.diffviewer_filediffdata                      | 19 MB
 public.reviews_reviewrequest                        | 3776 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_diff_hash_id             | 3040 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_diff_hash_id_like        | 3040 kB
 public.reviews_comment                              | 2752 kB
 pg_toast.pg_toast_16671_index                       | 2600 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_diffset_id               | 2088 kB
 public.changedescs_changedescription                | 1912 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_parent_diff_hash_id_like | 1848 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_parent_diff_hash_id      | 1840 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediffdata_pkey                 | 1776 kB
 public.diffviewer_filediff_pkey                     | 1728 kB
 public.reviews_review                               | 1424 kB
 public.diffviewer_diffset                           | 1136 kB

As can be seen, the session-data uses quite some space. Furthermore, I believe I already emptied the django_session table back then, when I created the patched middleware-class.

Is this a known problem and is there a better way to solve this?

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