Comment #8 on issue 3067 by Parent diffs with mercurial are still broken

Possible related issue, but it may be a different bug. I attempted to use the -o -g workaround and have encountered another edge case that fails:

r4 [draft] : add file A (unrelated in content, but sharing the same name)
r3 [draft] : miscelaneous
r2 [draft] : remove file A
r1 [draft] : file A present

hg postreview r4 -o -g -i 'foo'

File A will show 'diff unavailable'

My original workaround (diff -r 0:r3) still worked in this scenario. I have not tested to see if r3 is necessary to the test. Since the -o -g workaround seemed to work because it was using git diffs (and thus likely a different code path), this case should probably be tested with a git repository as well to ensure that it doesn't exist there.

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