Comment #10 on issue 3067 by patrick.horn: Parent diffs with mercurial are still broken

I'm using RB 1.7.12 and I had a slightly different problem with a simpler solution (when using hg-style diffs).

The old code allowed the 'origChangesetId' from any file in the parent diff to become the source_rev for every file in the child diff; however it only worked if the parent diff had any files in common with the child. My attached patch fixes this. While the code in 1.7.12 was not 100% correct, this effectively solved the issue. If you try with 1.7.12 and the attached patch, the problem should be solved. I also had no issues when removing files and re-adding them back--this should be handled by the "f.origInfo != PRE_CREATION" check. Perhaps it is a bug with git-style diffs.

I have yet to test in RB 1.7.13, but looking at the commit log, it looks like the code changed significantly between 1.7.12 and 1.7.13 with (45faed44) -- From what I can tell, the code now will only work in the case that you specify a parent diff with a global "# Parent" comment because it now only checks the global origChangesetId, so I think this change just made the issue more complicated.

The good news is that with commits 253ff68 and 5acf49a it is now possible to specify the parent commit ID via the API, so the API parameter might be a nice solution to this problem in versions after 1.7.13. I will try to do some tests on 1.7.13 or a later version. I also have only tested with hg-style diffs, not git-style diffs so those might be different.

        fix-parent-diff-1.7.12.patch  1011 bytes

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