Comment #37 on issue 489 by [ ] DON'T SHIP IT button

For what it's worth, this situation would be handled fine if there were a "# of Open Issues" column on the dashboard.

When someone else does a "Ship It!" and I disagree, I simply post a review with comments/issues.

The Review Requester will be paying close enough attention to the review to know this information, but members of Review Groups would benefit from seeing "Oh hey, there's a ship it on this _and_ open issues, so there's some possible disagreement. Maybe I should weigh in."

We've made it clear in our ("commercial", btw) organization that some random person's "Ship It!" is not sufficient for you to check in your code. You have to get the "Ship It!" from the _right people_, and you need to give sufficient time for other people to chime in (even if you get a "Ship It!" immediately).

There are a lot of different use-cases of people using ReviewBoard, but adding another approval state "Hold It/Sink It" would only add confusion ("I have a couple of comments that need to be addressed, do I need to Hold It? Only when someone else has Ship It?"). And, the presence of open issues already means it's not ready (If they're not relevant, mark them dropped - otherwise, you need to fix them).

I would expect to get negative feedback from the people using the tool here if "Sink It/Hold It" were to appear (but, we could deal with it).

My $0.02

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