Comment #38 on issue 489 by [ ] DON'T SHIP IT button

Good to see this is finally accepted.

For our organization it would be important this 'hold it' 'sink it' toggle to be available through the api.

Our workflow for illustration purposes:

Our svn repository has contains lists of authorized reviewers for certain areas of the code base (developers who know at least a bit about that section of code). To be able to commit to these areas we have a svn precommit hook to check if the commit is authorized by any of these reviewers. due to the size of the project there are often more then one on many parts of the code. Currently we check reviewboard if there is a 'ship-it' by a appropriate person if it is the commit is allowed. (else its refused).

The reason we need the hold it is because from time to time one of the reviewers reviews it and fails to find a bug present in the review and check the 'ship it'. if another reviewer finds a bug in the review before its committed (or wants to contest the entire commit somehow) there is currently no way (except email / messages) to prevent the commit.

in our case a commit would always be blocked as long as there is at least one hold-it present. (it would basically used as a veto system)

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