Comment #3 on issue 3485 by revision deltas on side-by-side diff screen does not work for mercurial patches

I'm creating my diffs by hand primarily because it's the easiest way to review exactly the changes between the branch and default.

As I understand it, rbt post interacts with the hg repo in pre commit mode by looking for "hg out" commits and in post commit mode by a specified range. I could specify that I want to review the changes on the branch with something like this (it's how I started):

$ branch=`hg branch`
$ rbt post `hg log -b $branch --template '{node} ' | awk '{ print $NF ".." $1 }'`

.. but that has the disadvantage that I'm going to review merge commits. Merging default into the feature branch is not something I want to bother reviewing. I want to exactly review the output of:

$ hg diff -r default

which is why I'm generating it manually.

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