Comment #4 on issue 3558 by RB doesn't handle paths containing spaces correctly

Hi everyone,

I've been looking into this issue quickly,
The problem comes from this code :

        diff_line = self.lines[linenum].split()

            # Need to remove the "a/" and "b/" prefix
            file_info.origFile = GIT_DIFF_PREFIX.sub(b"", diff_line[-2])
            file_info.newFile = GIT_DIFF_PREFIX.sub(b"", diff_line[-1])

Parsing this line :

diff --git a/File name with spaces.pdf b/File name with spaces.pdf

This will result in origFile = "with" and newFile = "spaces.pdf"

I was thinking about doing something like using regex


But if you path looks like 'somefolder b/your file', this will fail again.

Other solution is to update file_info.origFile & file_info.newFile with regex as you read the file

Binary files /dev/null and b/File name with spaces.pdf differ <= 'Binary files /dev/null and b/(.*) differ'

But this mean adding code (with regex) for every condition in

        if self._is_new_file(linenum):
        elif self._is_deleted_file(linenum):
        elif self._is_mode_change(linenum):
        elif self._is_moved_file(linenum):
        elif self._is_copied_file(linenum):

If anyone thinks of a better way to deal with that, please let me know :)

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