Comment #6 on issue 3654 by HTML anchors in File Index not working for copied files

I wanted to follow up with a few more details. I'm using Subversion and it appears that this issue may be SCM dependent. Attempting to emulate the problem under git with a trivial file move does not exhibit the problem, whereas SVN with a trivial file copy does.

Looking at the SVN case, the filediff related metadata (is_new_file, moved, copied, etc.) generated in get_diff_files() from reviewboard/diffviewer/ does not seem necessarily correct. I don't know if this points to a larger problem, or if this is expected for SVN. For the trivial copied file case this looks like:

{u'force_interdiff': False, u'binary': False, u'interfilediff': None, u'dest_revision': u'New File', u'deleted': False, u'index': 0, u'moved': False, u'moved_or_copied': False, u'chunks_loaded': False, u'depot_filename': u'trunk/a.txt', u'dest_filename': u'trunk/dir1/copied_file.txt', u'is_new_file': True, u'newfile': True, u'copied': False, u'filediff': <FileDiff: trunk/a.txt (PRE-CREATION) -> trunk/dir1/copied_file.txt ((working copy))>, u'revision': u''}

Extending this to the if block on lines 77-79 of diff_file_fragment.html, since "not file.is_new_file" is false the anchor name is not set even though the filename subsequently produced on line 80 needs an anchor name.

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