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    I wouldn't say that the limit is a bug, but I can see where your naming 
scheme runs into problems. I think a limit of 255 produces other problems, 
namely the display of names in the New Review Request page and elsewhere.
    _Usually_, repositories in Review Board are named after the actual name of 
the repository on whatever service is being used, with a namespace being used 
to disambiguate (so for instance, `Review Board` and `RBTools` would be 
repository names, but `CI Infrastructure` and `Web Server Infrastructure` might 
be used instead of `ci-team/infrastructure` and `web-team/infrastructure`. It's 
easier to read/consume by users, avoids a lot of wrapping issues that longer 
names provide, and survives the moving of repositories to other groups down the 
road after reorgs.
    I'm not against bumping up the limit, but I wouldn't want to do it in a 
point release, since that impacts many customers of ours who have to be careful 
about when they perform upgrades that impact database schema.

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