On Oct 6, 5:26 pm, "Christian Hammond" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It's possible in that one could modify the code to add this functionality.
> However, I wouldn't add support to show the entire raw diff in the upstream
> codebase, as that would be quite bad for a lot of people (some diffs can get
> very large).

Trying to clarify here, do you mean no diffs at all, or no diffs in
the template?

I.e. what would you think about exposing the diffs in
email.mail_review_request(), where "time_emailed" etc. is setup.

Then the end user could decide if they want to keep the default
review_email.txt or modify it to include the raw diffs?

I'm trying to work out how many patches I would need to keep around on
my machine :-) -- not that I've started down this path yet.

As background; I suspect like many people on this list, I'm looking to
persuade the powers-that-be that using ReviewBoard is a good idea. If
I can make ReviewBoard generate the review emails that we currently
generate (almost) by hand with a web interface/post-review I think
I'll have a more compelling case :-)

> What I have considered, and this would be a post-1.0 thing, is to provide
> both text and HTML versions of the e-mail, and in the HTML versions, we'd
> include the diff context just like on the review request page.

That would be very neat!


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