On Oct 9, 6:03 pm, "David Trowbridge" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Review board works with remote SVN repositories.  This is 
> howhttp://reviews.review-board.orgis set up (SVN lives on google code,
> review board lives on a VM hosted in a colo).
> There's not currently a way to make sure the repository is added
> correctly beyond posting a diff correctly. One thing that may help
> with posting diffs is to use the post-review tool (which lives in
> contrib/tools/ in the reviewboard directory). This will also behave
> much better with moved/branched files.

Thanks everyone, I think the problem was that I added the repository
with out a username and password, then I entered them later but it
didn't seem to take. Deleting and re-adding the repository fixed it.

Jennifer Cranfill
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