Hi everyone.

We've had a few people who have recently donated to the project, and I want
to say thanks! It's a big help and the project certainly needs it.

Right now, the project costs about $2300 a year to run, mostly for our
hosting needs, and so far this has been completely out of my pocket. The
bill actually just came a few weeks ago, and that's a heavy bill to get in
the mail! :)

We expect both the hosting requirements and the out-of-pocket expenses to
rise in the future with some of the things we have planned. For example, I'd
like to build a sort of community site with a support forum and an extension
browser once this lands in Review Board (after 1.0), and we've talked before
how it would be nice to have some sort of a Review Board developers/users
meet-up (if we can afford it).

To give people a general idea as to where we are in covering our current
expenses, I've modified the Donate page (http://review-board.org/donate/) to
include a donations thermometer and to briefly list what we're using the
money for. As we have better estimates for things we're hoping to do down
the road, this will be updated to include those.

So hopefully that gives people some insight into how we plan to use the
money and how it helps us. Thanks again!


Christian Hammond - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
VMware, Inc

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