Disregard my question. I found the answer.

On Nov 28, 1:51 am, Frank <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Need help understanding how user is passed to base.html:
> After user registers or logins, the default page is dashboard.html
> which extends base.html that is common to all pages. In the headerbar,
> user object is used to check for authentication. However, nowhere I
> can find how this object is passed from the function dashboard(), as
> well as from its decorators, login_required() and valid_prefs_required
> ().
> I expect to see sth like, context['user'] = request.user, and context
> is passed to the render function.
> Can anyone help me understand how the user object in the template is
> passed from its view function?
> Thanks very much!
> frank
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