After moving and updating from a ReviewBoard SVN installation to a rb-site 
installation, the site still used bad paths for htdocs/media and alike. I 
wanted to fix those in "Home<http://lisette.euresys.com/admin/db/> > 
Siteconfig<http://lisette.euresys.com/admin/db/siteconfig/> > Site 
 >" in the admin interface of django. Unfortunately, after editing those 
ReviewBoard fails miserably with this error:

2009-01-02 02:05:54,986 - WARNING - JSONField decode error. Expected dictionary,
 got string for input '"{u'mail_host_password': u'', u'cache_backend': u'locmem:
 u'site_admin_name': u'Example Joe'}"'

After that, the only way to get ReviewBoard running again is to use a backup 
copy of the database. The database uses SQLite. The versions used are:

The error is raised in djblets/utils/fields.py. A comment says:

        # XXX We need to investigate why this is happening once we have
        #     a solid repro case.

Saving a change in the Django admin interface is a reproducible way to get the 
error. I tried several times. Unfortunately, I dont't know Django and Djblets 
well enough to fix this. (And my colleages don't like it when I break the DB :) 

Happy new year,
Francois Beerten.


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