Hi Alexey,

The GitClient was originally designed for git-svn support. I just
recently added very basic support for git proper. You're certainly
correct -- it makes a number of gross assumptions, particularly that
your origin remote is the one you care about. In basic scenarios, this
will work okay. To really support the flexibility of git and the whole
idea of distributed version control, I think it would require a lot
more work. I do in fact create commits and publish them to
reviewboard, personally. I just do a diff of my new commits and
publish that via the web interface.


On Jan 28, 6:44 pm, Alexey Morozov <morozov...@ngs.ru> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'd like to hear, understand and perhaps discuss how GIT support is
> implemented in ReviewBoard.
> Right now I'm looking at contrib/tools/post-review|GitClient and frankly
> speaking not completely understand the _goals_ of the code.
> Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems that most of the code is written with the idea
> of a single centralized repository and all methods more suitable for CVS or
> SVN.
> For example when one have a traditional centralized SCM the only way to
> implement a pre-commit review is to make a diff against a revision which is
> already checked in and then send this diff for a review. From other hand if
> you have a distributed SCM, it's much more convenient to make a local commit
> (or even a series of commits!) and then send this commit (or commits) for
> review (or multiple reviews). Thus we can support things like ``git add -i'',
> automatic review title/summary generation etc.
> On the server side it becomes possible to correctly handle renames or
> copyings, binary diffs, handle cherry-picks and merges  etc.
> However I'm just started to work with ReviewBoard (although I have some
> experience with SmartBear's CodeCollaborator) and perhaps I didn't notice
> significant issues or maybe current code processing model simply doesn't
> allow easy incorporation of these changes.
> Best regards,
> Alexey Morozov
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