Hi everyone.

I've put a couple of large changes in for tonight's nightly build that
people should be aware of.

First, we've upgraded to the new jQuery 1.3 for our JavaScript backend. This
should offer some speed improvements in many operations and provide better
browser compatibility. However, it may come with some regressions. I've gone
through and made sure things work for Firefox and will be testing IE6/7 some
more, but those of you using nightly builds should be aware. if it causes
enough headaches, you can regress to the previous night's nightly build (

I'd greatly welcome any feedback on this, since we definitely want to
stabilize this.

The other big change is lighttpd and Apache fastcgi improvements. Newly
generated lighttpd config files are now set up to do improved browser-side
caching and compression, as well as launch fastcgi processes on demand.
Apache has also been modified to launch fastcgi processes on demand. There's
also some other bug fixes for installs that were producing 404s out of the

There's no more need for init scripts or anything special. A lighttpd
install or Apache with fastcgi should work out-of-the-box.

If you already have a working setup, there's no need to mess with this part
of it, but the caching/compression improvements are probably worth it. Since
there's no real mechanism yet for regenerating your config file, you may
want to look at
see the new fields and then update your config file accordingly.

Again, if you hit issues, please file bugs on this so we can take care of
them before alpha 2.



Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
VMware, Inc.

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