We've been using reviewboard in our project for the past 3-4
months.And we've absolutely loved it !!!

In fact we want to take it a step further and make it a mandatory
process before code checkins.
Our SCM is Perforce and we use Bugzilla to track bugs.

So we've decided to add a new field in the Bugzilla "Reviewed By"
which will be part of each code checked in for a bug fix.
So what i want to do is to somehow update this field automatically in
Bugzilla from reviewboard once the review request status is changed to
submitted in reviewbaord.

Is there a way to do it ?

I was thinking of running an executable or a script which would fetch
the reviewers from the reviewrequest table in the reviewboard database
and then send it over to bugzilla where i'll run a daemon or something
which will listen for a connection and update the  "Reviewed By"
field in the corresponding bug number in bugzilla database.

Is there a simpler way ? If not, can you help me in doing this ?

First of all is it possible to trigger an executable when the user
closes the reviewrequest ?
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