On really large diffs, performance is very slow and can crash the

We've picked up the recent 3/13/09 nightly which has helped enormously
(A BIG THANKS!) but that said, we're still finding pages that take 3+
minutes to load.

For example.... we have one review in particular that has File Changes
spread over 6 ReviewBoard pages. Page 3 takes on average 3+ minutes to
load. It also readily crashes my browser - pegging my CPU and I have
to kill the session. (URL= https://reviewboard/r/2808/diff/?page=3).
This is in FireFox 3.0.7. Under IE the page doesn't load without
running into script errors. Unfortunately, these large ReviewBoard
diffs are a typical use case at our company (typically when large
merges are done) and breaking things across more than 10 reviews jsut
isn't plausible. I should mention that not only are the diff fragments
themselves large for these use cases but the number of reviewers and
comments gets to be very large too. We're maxing out what ReviewBoard
can handle on all fronts.

Can further investigation be done into these performance issues for
us? I will supply further information as I collect it.

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