There are no plans to change this structure. We're keeping it as
appname/filetype. This will be important for extensions down the road, since
they'll be installing into and uninstalling from their own directories, and
we don't want them to be at all touching anything in Review Board, Djblets,
etc.-owned directories.


Christian Hammond -
Review Board -
VMware, Inc. -

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 6:52 AM, Kless <> wrote:

> Could be changed your structure of static files?
> If were as:
> css/djblets/
> img/djblets/
> js/
> would be more easy that were integrated in another projects.
> In addition, if all apps. were to use a structure as /static/app/
> {css,js,img} would be a chaos.
> It would be better if the apps. would create a structure as '/static/
> css/app/', '/static/img/app/', '/static/js/'. Just as it's used in
> 'templates'.
> >

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