We're just beginning the review period, and are working our way through the
proposals that were submitted. We'll probably start sending out e-mails
sometime this upcoming week asking for more info on some proposals.

The work that's been done on the installer is, currently, only on my laptop,
and there's not much there right now. I'll make it public when I get the
pieces together into something that can be toyed with.

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On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 2:37 PM, Om Patri <ompa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> This is my Hi! to the Review Board community. I am an undergraduate
> student in Computer Science from IIT Guwahati, India. I have applied
> to ReviewBoard for implementing a compact Windows Installer for Review
> Board. Here is a link to my proposal which I have also attached below.
> http://socghop.appspot.com/student_proposal/show/google/gsoc2009/ompatri/t123861948087
> I would be grateful if any mentors (and the Review Board community)
> could review my proposal and suggest me if anything is missing or ways
> to enhance it. I would also appreciate it if you could give me a link
> to the work that has already been done in this regard.
> Thanking you,
> Regards,
> Om Patri.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Windows Installer
> Add a new, all-encompassing Windows Installer. The installer would
> install Review Board and its dependencies, optionally installing
> Python, Django, Apache, MySQL, or whatever based on the user's
> preference and existing installed services.In most cases, installing
> dependencies will simply require automating the download of an
> existing MSI file on the web. Some dependencies, however, may need to
> be packaged by us.The installer must be an MSI installer, based on
> NSIS. There's some base work done on this to get you started.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Abstract:
> I plan to implement a compact,feature-rich Windows Installer for
> Review Board.This new MSI installer (based on NSIS) would install
> Review Board and all its dependencies,and give the user an option of
> installing Python, Django, MySQL, Apache and other such software based
> on the user's choice and the software already existing in his
> computer.I'll package all required files and try to automate the
> download of existing MSI files on the web.I shall do documentation and
> provide tests.
> Content:
> Name: Om Prasad Patri
> College : Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering, Indian
> Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India.
> Availability : I am fully available during May 15 - Aug 23. I plan to
> devote atleast 40-45 hours per week to the project.
> IRC Handle/Network (optional): Freenode: patri, GTalk: ompatri
> Have you worked with Python before?
> I am familiar with Python and have written some programs in Python but
> not in deep details. I am still learning and by the time GSoC begins,
> I am confident I would have a better grasp of Python.
> Have you worked with Django before?
> No, I haven't worked with Django before but can learn before GSoC if
> needed.
> What's your interest in the project?
> I plan to implement a compact and rich Windows Installer for Review
> Board. This new installer would install Review Board and all its
> dependencies, and give the user an option of installing Python,
> Django, MySQL, Apache and other such software based on the user's
> choice and the software already existing in his computer. I will also
> try to implement a multi-language option for the installer which would
> be a great bonus. The installer will be an MSI installer based on NSIS
> (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System). I shall package all the required
> files and try to automate the download of existing MSI files on the
> web.
> To implement this, we shall have to take various characteristics of
> the user's system into account, like whether a particular software is
> already
> installed or not, what is the version of the software currently
> installed if it is present,  whether the user is an administrator or
> not, etc. which can be achieved using NSIS. Though I do not have much
> experience in NSIS yet, still, I have downloaded NSIS and tried to
> experiment with it. I have gone through the documentation and
> developer guide and found that I can learn it easily as I know Java
> very well and am familiar with Python. However, I do not know Django
> and would have to learn it if needed. This project would be a great
> asset for the Windows users of Review Board.
> I would first look at the exisiting work in this field and pick up
> from there. I would co-ordinate with my mentor regularly giving him
> atleast weekly updates and staying in touch with him through mails,
> IRC etc. I shall do the documentation (probably on a wiki) of whatever
> work I do and the testing also if needed. I have great interest in
> working (and learning) on an open source project and I think Review
> Board would be a great mentoring organization for me. I plan to
> complete most of the project by the midterm evaluation period so that
> I can concentrate on fixing bugs, documentation, testing and enhancing
> the code (and additional features) after that.
> Describe projects you've worked on in the past:
> I have programming experience for the last four years, in C, C++ and
> mainly, Java . Other languages I am familiar with include Python,
> Perl, MySQL and PHP. I have been involved in a team developing a web-
> based software for the complete automation of our institute
> guesthouse. I was responsible for the sub-team designing the user
> interface in the project. This project helped me learn a lot about
> working in a group and the major hurdles faced while doing so.
> I do not have a lot of experience in open-source development but have
> developed a couple of small open-source projects which are hosted on
> sourceforge. One of these is an electronic amplifier design tool –
> AutoAmp (command line, made in C++) while the other, QuadGenius is a
> GUI educational tool which helps schoolchildren to solve quadratic and
> linear equations (GUI, made in Java using Swing). I am also developing
> a “Homoeopathic Medicine Remedy Finder for Mobile Devices” using J2ME.
> >

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