The date range handler would be good, but I'd rather not have the maxid.
However, there's another way we can do that.

Update the handler for api/json/reviewrequests/all/ and let it take optional
start and end ranges that work like Python's lists. I'd have to think how I
want this API to look, but maybe something like:

api/json/reviewrequests/all/?start=<start index>&max_results=<number of
results>&order_by=<comma-separated order criteria>

Then you could do:


And that would return the most recent public review request.


Christian Hammond -
Review Board -
VMware, Inc. -

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 6:54 PM, Kimon <> wrote:

> I've been using the API to generate statistics. What I want to do is
> traverse through all the reviews (no matter what state) and generate
> my statistics.
> I can pretty much do this with api/json/reviewrequests/<id>/ except
> for determining what the max id is.
> I wrote a function to do it using the following url:
> api/json/reviewrequests/all/maxid/
> Is this a good url for this api function?  Is it useful enough to
> commit to the codebase?
> Along the same lines what I really want is a query for all review
> requests created in a given date range.  If I were to write such a
> function, what would be an appropriate url?  Anything I should know
> before I try?
> Thanks,
> Kimon
> >

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