On Wednesday 06 May 2009 05:03:17 Marc Hedlund wrote:
> Cool.  Thanks much.  If I'm successful in getting people going with
> this, I'm sure we'd be willing to help adding more support for git.


I'm also interested in a fully functional ReviewBoard / Git interaction.

Currently I'm implementing a "post-push" review strategy when developers push 
their commits to a central ("shared" in git terminology) repository and [some 
of] these commits become available for "advisory" review. This is being  
implemented as a post-receive hook which automatically creates a review per 
commit for all relevant commits. I hope I will have a working setup for it by 
the end of the day.

Our bosses also wish to try a "pre-push" review strategy similar to one used 
in Google Android project: a developer makes one or more commits, then 
send/push them to an intermediate repository/Review Board, then approved 
commits are automatically pushed to an "official" repository. However I think 
there're several issues in this workflow, e.g. related with need of commit 
Maybe it's worth to discuss these raw edges and specify the workflow more 


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