I'm sure I'm being totally stupid, but...

Are the docs in svn?  I see the docs directory but not the docs  

rebound:website marc$ cd rbwebsite/
rebound:rbwebsite marc$ ls
total 48
0 .svn/                         0 happyusers/                   0 search/
0 __init__.py*                  8 manage.py*                    8 settings.py*
0 blogfeeds/                    0 news/                         8 
8 devserver.sh*                 0 press/                        8 sitemaps.py
0 docs/                         0 releases/                     0 templates/
0 donations/                    0 screenshots/                  8 urls.py*
rebound:rbwebsite marc$ cd docs
rebound:docs marc$ ls
total 16
0 .svn/         0 __init__.py   8 urls.py       8 views.py

(I wanted to make the git settings a lot more clear under 
.  Thanks.)


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