Chris wrote:
> Also unless code has been given the OK i dont want it to get into
> trunk, is this possible? i.e. can we stop people committing to trunk,
> or is that more something we need to deal with at a people level not
> an automation level
I don't think this is done out of the box. At least not with the version 
of RB that we have (which is quite old).

We have implemented this with a pre-commit hook in Subversion. The hook 
checks the review using the API, and if 1 or more "Ship It" comments 
exist, then it considers it OK for committing.

If the author of the review request and the person posting a "Ship It" 
comment is the same, then we have a configurable way of dealing with 
these cases. Currently, we still allow the changes to be committed but 
we send out a "policy violation" email to those concerned. The reasoning 
is that if someone decides to "Self-review" the code, then this must be 
either something urgent OK'd by management.

Hovanes M.

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