post-review under clearcase / HOW TO ?

Hi, I have set up a django based review-board (i.e. without apache /
mod_python) and it came up well. I would like to post-review from
another client where I've installed RBTools (latest version_

I am in clearcase dynamic view and in vob path .. example
/vobs/src/tmp_vob/tools and checked out build.ksh

and I am issuing following command to make it diff from predecessor
version and CHECKEDOUT version to RB as if posted by an admin user.

Command -
post-review  --server=http://mvaidya-inl:8000 --username=admin --
password=admin build.ksh

Please advise me if command usage is correct and I am getting this
errors for now

 File "/home/mvaidya/EGG-INFO/scripts/post-review", line 938, in diff
    return self.do_diff(self.get_extended_namespace(files))
  File "/home/mvaidya/EGG-INFO/scripts/post-review", line 802, in
    versions = self.get_previous_version(files)
  File "/home/mvaidya/EGG-INFO/scripts/post-review", line 781, in
    ["cleartool", "desc", "-pre", elem_path])
ValueError: too many values to unpack

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