We're looking to deploy Review Board for approximately 60 developers
for post-commit svn reviews.  I wanted to get some input from the
community on hardware and distro since there is not much published for
requirements.  We have an ESX server which could be used, however our
IT department tends to push the ESX servers beyond their reasonable
capacity so I'm leaning towards asking management to buy a physical
box.  Should I use ESX the distro would probably be Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
since 9.04 is not supported.  I would be curious to know what others
have used in ESX deployments though.  If we go with a physical box it
will probably be a quad core HP DL160 or DL320 with 2-4 GB of RAM.  Is
that complete overkill?

Also what experience do people have with database growth?  Just how
much drive space is needed?
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