On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 5:22 AM, Christian Hammond<chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> What we need to know is what's common between all occurrences in your setup.
> Are these all comments on the first page in the diff viewer, or latter
> pages?

They're all on the first page.  In fact, I don't think we have any
that currently span multiple pages at the moment (I *just* got RB
setup recently).

> Are these near a collapsed region?

The ones that disappear are *in* the collapsed region.  One of the
devs was commenting on something a number of lines away from the diff,
because he thought it would be affected.

> How many lines do they span?

1 or 2.

> Does it span over a collapsed region?

See above.

> Are you certain when clicking View Diff that you're looking at the same
> revision as the comment?

I believe so, but I'll check again.  I could be stupid user error. :-)


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