I am trying to debug another problem (RB is only occasionally sending
out email).

>From the the "Admin" dashboard, under Settings --> Logging I have
logging and set the logging directory to /var/lg/reviewboard.

Made sure that this directory is writeable by "root" (my apache runs
as root).

And then, in reviewboard/reviews/email.py I have added the code to
enable logging
(as suggested by Christian):

At top of file:
import logging

And in send_review_mail, before the message.send(), added:

logging.info("Sending e-mail with subject '%s' from '%s' to '%s', CC
'%s'\n", subject, from_email, to_field, cc_field)

And then I have restarted apache.

And I see no logs. My /var/log/reviewboard directory is empty.
My /var/www/review-board/logs directory is also empty.

I have also gone into my /var/www/review-board/conf/settings_local.py
and set "DEBUG = True" and restarted apache.

This did not help either...

How can I turn on logging?

Thanks in advance

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