What about using Codeplex to develop against and using IronPython to take 
advantage of the .NET API’s


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Hi Bryan,

People have talked about writing support for TFS, but so far nobody's committed 
to it. We've briefly looked into what it would take, and it seems somewhat 
complicated as there are no APIs we can use from Python. We also don't have 
access to a TFS server to develop against, which makes it difficult. If someone 
wants to step up and figure out TFS support, we'll be glad to work on getting 
it incorporated into Review Board, but until someone does, we can't commit to 
including it in any release.


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On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 6:36 AM, Bryan 
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We are looking to use reviewboard on a project with source control in
Team Foundation Server.  Are there any plans or any beta versions that
include support for TFS as a code repository?


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