So trying to get ReviewBoard setup on a test server to see if it works
well enough to replace Crucible. But I am having a problem getting
ReviewBoard setup properly.

My Configuration
Windows XP
Apache 2.2
Python 2.5

I first ran into a problem because PIL was not installed so I ran
easy_setup PIL and that installed the PIL python modules. I was unable
to get the MySQLdb python module to install so after an hour or so I
finally gave up and just decide to use the sqllite for now during the
evaluation. If ReviewBoard turns out to be awesome then I will wrangle
with MySQL configuration with ReviewBoard. Finally I am ready to
execute 'rb-site install reviewboard' and this is what I get in

* Installing the site...
Building site directories ... OK
Building site configuration files ... OK
Creating database ... Error: One or more models did not validate:
reviews.screenshot: "image": To use ImageFields, you need to install
the Python
Imaging Library. Get it at .

It seems to be complaining about PIL not being installed. But I know
it is installed, and I can even load the module interactively in the
Python shell environment. Has anybody ran into this problem or know of
a way to resolve it? I can't proceed with trying out ReviewBoard
unless I can get past this sticking point and I am out of things to

Thanks in advance for your help,


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