I was having same issue. I download PIL 1.6 from  
and installed via installer.

It fixed the issue.

It seems, when you install PIL using easy_install, it's not working
with reviewboard (or DJango), perhaps it installs 1.7 (beta builds).

On Aug 19, 12:17 am, Keith <kbott...@gmail.com> wrote:
> So trying to getReviewBoardsetup on a test server to see if it works
> well enough to replace Crucible. But I am having a problem 
> gettingReviewBoardsetup properly.
> My ConfigurationWindowsXP
> Apache 2.2
> Python 2.5
> I first ran into a problem because PIL wasnotinstalled so I ran
> easy_setup PIL and that installed the PIL python modules. I was unable
> to get the MySQLdb python module to install so after an hour or so I
> finally gave up and just decide to use the sqllite for now during the
> evaluation. IfReviewBoardturns out to be awesome then I will wrangle
> with MySQL configuration withReviewBoard. Finally I am ready to
> execute 'rb-site installreviewboard' and this is what I get in
> response:
> * Installing the site...
> Building site directories ... OK
> Building site configuration files ... OK
> Creating database ...Error:Oneormoremodelsdidnotvalidate:
> reviews.screenshot: "image": To use ImageFields, you need to install
> the Python
> Imaging Library. Get it athttp://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/.
> It seems to be complaining about PILnotbeing installed. But I know
> it is installed, and I can even load the module interactively in the
> Python shell environment. Has anybody ran into this problem or know of
> a way to resolve it? I can't proceed with trying outReviewBoard
> unless I can get past this sticking point and I am out of things to
> try.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Keith

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