I'm writing a script to automatically post a review request for every
revision, using svn's post-commit hook. When I run this:

post-review -d -p --server=http://myrbserver --target-group=xxx --
revision-range=xxx --submit-as=someone --username=submitter --
password=submitter --repository-url=/directory/of/my/working/copy

I got the following message:

>>> svn info /directory/of/my/working/copy
>>> repository info: Path: http://mysvnserver Base path: /, Supports 
>>> changesets: False
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff http://mysvnserver/@xxx http://mysvnserver/@HEAD
Password for 'rujialiu':

(I've logged in as user rujialiu. My svn account is also named

Even if I entered my password, nothing happended (actually, a new line
comes in, and I can enter some visible text). I had to Ctrl-C.

My goal is to automate this one in my post-commit hook of svn, in the
repository machine, so I can't enter password everytime.

Thanks in advance!

SVN version: 1.4.6 (auth with apache 2.2)
installed both ReviewBoard and RB-tools via easy_install, less than 1
week ago.
post-review --version gets 0.8

ReviewBoard is installed successfully at http://myrbserver, at least I
can login as admin and add users, groups etc, and has already added
the svn repository http://mysvnserver

- Rujia

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