Hey guys,
The short story is that we're experiencing a huge increase in load on
apache after we upgraded from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4.

The long story is this:
We had rb 1.0.3 on a dual core xeon 2.8ghz with 1GB of ram running
linux 64-bit.

The software setup is like this: apache-2.2.11, memcached-1.3.3,
mysql-5.0.70, mod_python-3.3.1, python-memcached-1.44,
libmemcache-1.2.4, mysql-python-1.2.2 all running on the local

It ran quite fast and everybody was happy. 5 days ago we upgraded to
1.0.4 and it the server started running super slow. I'm getting load
averages of 6-7 on it now with a constant cpu load of 99% on both
cores. The apache access_log accumulated 800mb of data in the first 2
days alone. It used to be less than a megabyte a day before. I added
another 1.5 gb or ram to the machine (for a total of 2.5 gb now) and
increased memcached's buffer size form the default 64mb to 1gb.
However that did not seem to help at all, memcached is not using more
than 125mb even after a few days of running.

We have about 30 ppl using it at the same time and i see lines like
these continuously showing up in the logs:
"GET /api/json/reviewrequests/367/last-update/?dummy= HTTP/1.1"

What i make of all this is that now the client's browsers are
constantly polling the server for updates and is what actually slows
everything down.

Any advice on what's going on?
Thank you.

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