Chris Clark wrote:
> I'm setting up a new dev environment for some hacking and I'm following:
> After using git to get the reviewboard source and using 
> ./contrib/internal/ I get errors about django_evolution. 
> django_evolution is a pre-requisite that is not handled when djblets 
> (which auto installs almost everything else) is installed/setup.
> Here is what I did to deal with that:
>     svn checkout
>     django-evolution
>     cd django-evolution
>     sed 's/distutils.core/setuptools/' >
>     python develop
>     cd ..
> Could be 
> updated with something like the above, just after the djblets section 
> before the Review Board section?

Also I needed paramiko and pytz, e.g.:

        sudo apt-get install python-paramiko python-tz

I had an issue where the default setup from 
./contrib/internal/ did NOT work. Specifically it appeared 
to work but when running the server (e.g. via 
./contrib/internal/ a manually syncdb run was required. So 
I made this change:

diff --git a/contrib/internal/ 
index 60fb740..be4b320 100755
--- a/contrib/internal/
+++ b/contrib/internal/
@@ -81,8 +81,9 @@ def main():


-    print "Synchronizing database..."
-    site.sync_database(allow_input=True)
+    #print "Synchronizing database..."
+    #site.sync_database(allow_input=True)
+    print 'now issue reviewboard/ syncdb'

     print "Your Review Board tree is ready for development."

For some reason, even though PIL is installed (e.g. "import Image" 
works) and the version is 1.1.6, the dbjlets stage appears to download 
an egg for PIL (version 1.1.6 that is already installed).

I also had an issue where my Pygments version (0.9) was not high enough 
and this prevented the SCM tools list from being populated (I did a 
quick "easy_install pygments" as a fix and installed 1.1.1).

Hope this helps someone else.


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