Yes, I noticed the patch Friday, sweet!
One nitpick is that because I am writing a pre-commit hook to inerface
w/ RB, all I currently want is a simple list of the latest filenames
in the review (and intersect w/ a set of the filenames in the commit);
if they all exist then I check for "ship_it".
  I realize just checking filenames is a bit weak, but it seems to
meet my needs for now.
  I think doing more complex svn cat against reviewboard diffsets
would be too heavy for a pre-commit hook.
  I currently don't care if someone wants to try to circumvent code
review enforcement by opening two reviews for a single file, get
ship_it for only one review, and then trying to check them both in.

Mak's latest patch lets me get a list of the diffsets, but then I need
to make a second JSON call to get that diffset's list of filenames.
Getting the list of filenames is what I would be submitting a patch

I see three options (maybe all of them are useful):
1) diff/(?P<diffset_id>[0-9]+)/filenames/
  This would return the depot_filenames of all files in that diffset.
2) reviewrequests/(?P<review_request_id>[0-9]+)/diff/latest/files/
  This would return the depot_filenames of a review's latest diffset.
  This avoids the need to make two JSON calls.
  This should then probably be extended to get files of any review's
diff revisions:
3) reviewrequests/(?P<review_request_id>[0-9]+)/filenames/
  Same result as #2, but less wordy.
  I prefer this one, since this does not obligate me to also


On Nov 5, 2:49 am, Christian Hammond <> wrote:
> I forgot that we actually had a patch up for review for this. It's now
> committed to master and will be in the 1.1 release. We don't really want to
> add new functionality to 1.0.x without a very good reason.
> Christian
> --
> Christian Hammond -
> Review Board -
> VMware, Inc. -
> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Christian Hammond <>wrote:
> > There's no API method for this yet. It should be easy. Would you be willing
> > to write a patch for this? It will probably be simple. And can you file a
> > feature request for this?
> > Christian
> > --
> > Christian Hammond -
> > Review Board -
> > VMware, Inc. -
> > On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Pv <> wrote:
> >> I am trying to automate hooking CodeReview in to an SVN pre-commit
> >> hook.
> >> For a preview of how I am doing this see my recent comment added to:
> >>
> >> My pre-commit can get the reviewrequest and see reviewers and check
> >> for "ship_it", but now I need to be able to get the affected file set
> >> in the reviewrequest and cross-reference that the SVN commit doesn't
> >> check in any files that are not in the reviewrequest.
> >> I can't seem to find an API method that lets me get the total file set
> >> in a reviewrequest.
> >> I see "diff/new", but I think that just operates to create a new diff,
> >> not get a list of the existing diffs.
> >> Is there an API method to get the total file set of a reviewrequest?
> >> Thanks!
> >> Pv
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