OK, so I'm looking at rolling out ReviewBoard in my new job and
everything's fine, EXCEPT:


What "diff" command to use?


I know MKS Toolkit won't work, I know that it pretty much needs to be
the GNU diff, so I did what I normally do and installed Cygwin.


The thing is, the cygwin latest (1.7) "diff" command won't work with DOS
paths.  Well, it can, but it complains, resulting in this:


C:\TEMP>post-review -d 31214

>>> p4 info

>>> repository info: Path: server:1666, Base path: None, Supports
changesets: True

>>> p4 counters

>>> Generating diff for changenum 31214

>>> p4 describe -s 31214

>>> Processing edit of //path/to/filename.txt

>>> Writing "//path/to/filename.txt #3" to "c:\temp\tmpszo_ox"

>>> p4 print -o c:\temp\tmpszo_ox -q //path/to/filename.txt#3

>>> diff -urNp c:\temp\tmpszo_ox C:\Perforce\path\to\filename.txt

Unable to parse diff header:   MS-DOS style path detected:




So, it turns out that you can do this:


set CYGWIN=nodosfilewarning


...which tells CYGWIN to not complain about using dos style pathnames,
but I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for an alternative


Thanks for any advice!


Dana Lacoste

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