I have encouraged people within my software group to start using
review-board and so far the response has been very positive.  However
as with any large software and firmware team people have their
favourite tools.
One of these tools happens to be KDE Konqueror in some cases.  The
problem is that when users create a review request it all starts up ok
but the following occurs:
1. Clicking on all text entry areas (Description / Testing Done /
Summary) etc does not result in an OK Cancel button appearing.
2. Clicking on view diff results in the first file in the diff request
showing - however the subsequent parts of the diff just show the
loading icon (swirling dots) and nothing happens

I would be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on how I can debug
this and what further information you would like before I try to raise
a bug report - or maybe other people have some helpful options I can
enable on Konqueror to get this to work.


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