Christian> Let me see if I have this right. You have a directory full of
    Christian> committed code that hasn't been reviewed yet. This code may
    Christian> span multiple revisions. You want to put that code up for
    Christian> review. Is that correct?


    Christian> There's no built-in option for doing this with CVS, but with
    Christian> RBTools 0.2 RC1, you could make use of the new
    Christian> --diff-filename. Basically, you'd generate a diff using cvs
    Christian> diff and covering all revisions of that directory only, and
    Christian> then pass the resulting filename using post-review
    Christian> --diff-filename=<filename>

Thanks.  In looking back at what was installed I think I actually had 1.0.4
installed, not 0.9.  I was looking at the version string in  I
have upgraded to the latest versions of ReviewBoard and RBTools nonetheless.

It seems to me that If I'm trying to gather up all the Python files in a
directory for submission as a review diff that this should work:

    for f in $(find . -name '*.py') ; do
        diff -Nu /dev/null $f
    done > review.diff
    post-review --diff-filename=review.diff ...

I haven't actually tried that yet, but that would seem to be a good first


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