I'm still getting familiar with Review Boar.  I use it like so:

     * make a branch
     * edit/debug/lather/rinse/repeat
     * post-review
     * visit url & fill in description, title, assign reviewers

One of my colleagues asked a few of us to review a couple small applications
written by a new hire.  This stuff had already been checked into our CVS
repository.  I suspect this is not standard practice, but is there some way
to post a review request for an entire application or an entire directory
(that is, where there are no changes against the repository for the current
directory)?  I see nothing obvious in post-review --help output which
suggests this is possible.  I'm using post-review 0.8 and ReviewBoard 0.9
ATM, but I have the power to upgrade it if necessary (it's just running on
my desktop machine).

Outside of me and a few other developers ReviewBoard is unknown at work, so
I imagine this sort of "here, the application is finished, please review it
all" request is going to pop up for some time to come.  I'd really like to
be able to accommodate such requests as a way to demonstrate RB's


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